The company although only launched in 2015 by Matthew O’Dea of ADFILE LIMITED, has been used as an internal management system for Matt’s other companies for the previous 9 years. ADFILE was developed initially as a magazine booking system, which quickly turned into an online repository for the larger agencies that Matt’s previous business Graphic Café and WebSight Architects were dealing with. 

By creating solutions for his own pain points, such as misplaced purchase orders, missed deadlines and inaccurate timesheets, customer communication problems and missed charging opportunities, the team continued to develop the application to manage all aspects of the business and has turned ADFILE into a multifaceted job management solution. 

Three years ago Matt took the next step to commercialize ADFILE by joining the Massey eCentre, compiling market feasibility studies on the pain points and solutions that the software could bring and the best channels to market. In that time the team have redeveloped the platform to include many new great features, whilst remaining flexible in their approach to cater to multiple markets makes ADFILE a truly global opportunity.  

With the Addition of Jiwa Nadan as an investor, shareholder in October 2015 ADFILE has had the additional funding to build the development team and create and launch ADFILE as a leading cloud based workflow management system.