Are you still quoting on the back of a napkin or in Microsoft Word?
If you lost your laptop or computer crashed would you lose everything?
Get Adfile - It's cloud-based, which means you have access to your files 24/7 from any device.


Adfile Quoting System has been developed with flexibility in mind, we understand that most businesses have unique quoting and estimating requirements. Adfile has the ability to set up custom information areas for your quote or estimate, add in your terms and conditions and work with your general ledger codes and pricing structures for labour costs. Adfile can also manage multiple supplier price lists and custom margins and retail rates by product or list.


  • Customise material profit margins
  • Import multiple supplier price lists
  • Manage specifications
  • Create and allocate tasks
  • Quickly convert quotes to job
  • Intergrated quoting to accounting packages
  • Create great looking PDFs
  • Add custom terms and conditions
  • Add additional documents

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